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Think about the Big Picture

Whenever 1157 designconcepts connects with a client during the early stages of planning a donor recognition project, we want to determine if this is to be an isolated installation, or, if other projects could be added in the future within the organization. Similarly we would like to know if there is any current recognition solutions already installed. Why, because there may be good reason to consider a solution that looks to the future for possible expansion possibilities either within the defined location or elsewhere within the organization’s facility or campus. Having donor recognition solutions that relate to one another can provide a coordinated appearance that compliments the installation environment, while focusing on unique donor supported projects. 1157 can propose a comprehensive solution that incorporates like materials and design providing a family relationship between display components. Flexibility of design will enable your organization to address new projects as they evolve. The utilization of our in2Trek® interaction system may be ideal for one display, while a static display is suitable for another.

So, when considering donor recognition solutions, look at the big picture. We will help you do that and create a solution that can accommodate everything from special projects, to annual giving campaigns.

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