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The Sooner the Better —

It starts with a vision, your vision of what you and your organization feel will be a suitable way to acknowledge your donors. The final solution should not only recognize those who have pledged their support, but also inspire future perspective donors to get on board for future projects the organization many advance. It is a good idea to share your vision with others in the organization to build interest for the project. Typically, several ideas worth considering will come of this exposure which can further insure the success of the effort.

Donors need to be consulted early in the process to determine how they wish their names to appear (or if they want them to appear at all). Consideration needs to be given as to how various levels of giving will be reflected in the final recognition solution. Naming opportunities that were secured by some donors need to be reflected in the broad scope of the plan. Here is where 1157 can help with suggestions as to how to tie multiple recognition components together into a cohesive system installation.

Identify the location early, and be sure everyone in the organization is on board with where the display will be presented. This will be critical as 1157 begins to plan the design to fit appropriately to the space. It will factor into what materials are used and what mounting systems may be employed.  If the display will require electrical connection, that too needs to be considered early in the process. If the recognition system is to be located in a new facility, be prepared to make these decisions soon after ground breaking. Remember, unless your campaign has been concluded, you likely may not know how many donors will ultimately be recognized in the display. So, allow for size variance for the system. (Selecting a location that ultimately is too small to handle the donor display can cause some unnecessary scrambling later and may result in a final location that is not suitable.) Think ahead!

While each project has its own set of circumstances that can affect its timeline, our experience would tell us that the design phase is typically three to twelve months. Once the design has been finalized, depending on its complexity, fabrication can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks. Installation time varies as well but most systems can be completely installed within a week. So, from inception to installation you should conservatively allow nine to eighteen months.

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